The Business of Web Design

Knowing how to build good websites is one thing - turning that skill into a profitable business is a whole other story.


Questions about this subject come up all the time on; so I decided to create series of podcast that covers the details about becoming an independent freelance web designer.

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You can also join the discussion on the business of web design forum.

Much more to come.

Stefan Mischook

Web Design Business Roadmap

A guide to starting your own web design business from scratch.


  1. Learn web design (HTML, CSS with basic image editing, domain registration and hosting)
  2. Use web templates and other resources (scripts (PHP top 5) to enhance your skills.
  3. Develop your web site for your business.
  4. Do a few free small web design jobs to:
    • develop your skills in terms of working with clients.
    • develop your project management chops.
    • develop your portfolio.
  5. Put together your business documents:
    • business card
    • Quote sheet/contract
    • Invoice
    • Company logo
  6. Start hunting for clients:
    • talk to friends of friends
    • pass out cards
    • ask local church, garage, flower shop, antique shop, local gym
    • online contract bidding
  7. Continued (on the side) learning
    • Learn a little PHP
    • Learn a blog like Wordpress
    • Learn a CMS like Drupal, CMS Made Simple or Joomla

Podcasts on the Business of Web Design

  • Introduction
    Running time: 13:00
  • Branding Your Business
    Running time: 5:16
  • Lazy Clients
    Running time: 9:36
  • Hardware and Software
    Running time: 8:47
  • Business Types
    Running time: 15:30
  • Portfolio Site and Your First Clients
    Running time: 7:52
  • The Initial Proposal
    Running time: 9:05
  • Money Needed to Start
    Running time:6:27
  • What are Organic Websites?
    Running time: 4:49
  • The Web Design Contract
    Running time: 6:46
  • Getting Paid
    Running time: 24:08

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