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  • Dreamweaver CS4 video tutorial – new features

    I just released the first of a few video tutorials on the soon to be released Dreamweaver CS4. CS4 has a few great new features that I have found to be real time savers and are really worth another look: – Workspaces – Code Navigator – Related Files

  • Dreamweaver CS4 Review

    The boys and girls at Adobe recently released a public beta of Dreamweaver CS4 – and so now, I can freely talk about it! I’ve been beta testing Dreamweaver CS4 for a little while now and I’ve been looking forward to spewing my nerd impressions. I had to hold my tongue until Adobe released DW […]

  • What’s wrong with Dreamweaver’s Server Behaviors?

    What are Dreamweaver Server Behaviors? In a nutshell: Dreamweaver Server Behaviors are point-and-click tools that will write out the server-side code (PHP, ASP, ColdFusion) that will allow to do things like:

    • Display and update records from a database.
    • Create password protected pages.
    • Process HTML forms.

  • Dreamweaver CS4 Beta

    I’ve been hearing the quiet murmur of nerds lately, soft sounds that speak of Dreamweaver CS4. Yes, I do have my finger on the pulse of the nerd-zeitgeist and from what I understand, Dreamweaver CS4 is coming out sooner than later. I’m guessing sometime this winter.