Dreamweaver CS4 Beta

I’ve been hearing the quiet murmur of nerds lately, soft sounds that speak of Dreamweaver CS4.

Yes, I do have my finger on the pulse of the nerd-zeitgeist and from what I understand, Dreamweaver CS4 is coming out sooner than later. I’m guessing sometime this winter.

Are there any details?

I’m not sure what is coming (in terms of new features), but I have heard what is leaving and not coming back:

  • ASP.net support.
  • Layout Mode and Timelines.
  • JSP support

Some speculation:

I am guessing that Adobe will position Dreamweaver to be more web developer centric than designer centric.

Not that they will turn Dreamweaver into a glorified text editor, I just get the feeling that they will spend more time on the coding end of things, than on the design end.

My thinking is based on the work Adobe has done with Flash CS3 and especially Actionscript 3.0.

… It is clear with AS3, that Adobe made the decision to make the Flash scripting language more appealing to hard-core programmers than to designers. AS3 is much more powerful but it is more complex and harder to learn than Actionscript 2.

That said, please do keep in mind that when it comes to what may be coming in Dreamweaver CS4 … it is total speculation on my part.


Stefan Mischook


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5 Responses to “Dreamweaver CS4 Beta”

  1. Jenny says:

    You say “this winter”. I assume this means my summer then?

    Which CMS system is this Stefan. It looks like word press.

    I see you have your other sites there. Are you going to join the blog community? or keep this blog firmly on the ground of web design?

    I know from your other sites that you like a very clean design. I’d like a little more contrast between your background and content. I find it a little difficult to look at at present, but that applies to quite a few sites as I have a new monitor which I haven’t quite configured to decrease the brightness yet.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I am using WordPress.

    “Are you going to join the blog community? or keep this blog firmly on the ground of web design?”

    I am not sure if I understand your question … if you asking if I will get into things unrelated to web design here, then the chances are no.

    That said, I do see new subjects like:

    – Photoshop
    – MS Expression
    – Basic design

    Etc …



  3. Manny says:

    Dont you think that with the turn toward more “coder centric” thinking, in CS4 and AS3 that Adobe will lose the “intermediate” populace? I have always believed that the power of programs like Dreamweaver were the ability to learn as you work. Sure you can go to code only thinking as you become more proficient in your coding (and indeed your designing) but for people who want to “take it to the next level”, this move you are speculating seems to cut out that ability for people new to web design.


  4. “Dont you think that with the turn toward more “coder centric” thinking, in CS4 and AS3 that Adobe will lose the “intermediate” populace?”

    I can’t comment on what EXACTLY is in the new version of Dreamweaver. That said, I don’t think Adobe will abandon its’ base of web designers – Dreamweaver will remain a wysiwyg.

    I personally think that the Dreamweaver’s server behaviors are very weak and can’t be used for anything but tiny projects or prototyping.

    About Actionscript 3:

    This (AS 3) on the other hand, is not exactly a designer friendly move. But I don’t think the designer related tools will be lost.


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