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The Initial Web Design Proposal – Killersites Web Design Magazine

The Initial Web Design Proposal

The initial proposal is a document that provides a basic outline of the web site project.

It contains enough detail to give the prospective client a general idea of what you would be delivering, but it leaves out the specifics that you would later detail in the actual web design contract.

Initial proposal contains:

  • Basic page counts.
  • Estimated total cost.
  • What you charge per hour – all clients seem to want to know this.
  • Major functionality – PHP, Flash etc …
  • Proposed delivery dates.
  • Payment terms.

Check out the session for details:

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17 responses to “The Initial Web Design Proposal”

  1. Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for this great post. Could you please direct me where I can find the sample proposal or templates to use?


  2. nice talk, you said in your audio that you will have a sample proposal on your site. Have you already posted it? i would love to check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Steve,

    What browser and what kind of computer are you using?

    … That said, try changing the browser. I know Safari on the Mac can give you problems.


  4. Hi Steve,
    FYI– I had the same problem w/ Safari and switched over to Firefox– no problems there at all!

    Hi Stefan, Thanks for this great site! I know you are swamped, but a sample proposal would be great to see– when you get a chance?!


  5. Hi Steve,

    It’s inspiring to hear an experienced web designer give some nice information on this subject.

    Just to mention I’ve also searched for the sample proposal on this site, that you mentioned in your podcast. It would be really helpful to see a quick sample whenever you have the spare time.

    thanks again,


  6. Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the great site — I’m finding your tutorials very enlightening. Just wondering if you’ve had a chance to post the sample contract & proposal templates you mentioned, or if you’d be willing to send something along? The contract template would be particularly helpful…

    Thanks so much!

  7. Excellent! Very useful info, thanks for sharing!

    How about that pdf? ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I liked your podcasts a lot as i got a learn a lot from experience you shared.
    I am a management student planning to start a wed designing business.
    Please it would be very nice of you if you can put samples of documents like initial proposal and contracts.
    Thanks a lot for your podcast.

    Awaiting for more more new stuff

  9. Hey Stefan,

    I am sure you are already well aware but your video pods do not load in Chrome either.

    Look forward to seeing your proposal template soon!

    Keep up your great work.