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Judging a Person’s Character – Killersites Web Design Magazine

Judging a Person’s Character


In this session of the Business of Web Design, I teach you a few tricks that you can use to get an glimpse into the character of people you deal with.

This may seem like a strange thing to talk about in a business course, but it is actually very important because who you deal with, will have a huge impact on the success or failure of your web design business.

My four tips to judging character:

  1. Look for lies or exaggerations.
  2. Pay attention to how they treat other people.
  3. Trust your first impressions.
  4. Look at what they’ve done in the past.

Listen the to podcast for all the details: Judging Character.

6 responses to “Judging a Person’s Character”

  1. I’ve noticed that people don’t even use the word “character” anymore . . . it is so important to know who you’re dealing with. It only takes one person to cause untold damage, and the after-effects can cost you a lot in terms of money, reputation, etc.

    One thing about liars is that folk who will lie FOR you will eventually lie TO you.

    A great post and food for thought!


  2. Hi Stefan,

    Interesting article, especially for newbies to freelancing…

    I would def agree my instincts are nearly always correct and can relate to a lot of what you said about that ‘gut’ feeling you have sometimes when something about them doesn’t quite seem right.

    I would go further tho, and listen to what they are asking you… a typical alarm signal for me is if they constantly try to barter on the price you quoted them. Also you can usually pick up if they don’t value the time of designers.. im sure most people have had ‘oh, go on it’ll only take you 5 mins’ and the classic for newbies ‘but it’ll look great for your portfolio’ lol