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How to Manage your Money – Killersites Web Design Magazine

How to Manage your Money

A key part about having a successful web designed business is properly managing your money. This may seem like a boring topic, but it still crucial.

In the following podcast, I walk you through some of my basic rules of money management.

Managing your money.


Stefan Mischook


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7 responses to “How to Manage your Money”

  1. Thanks for another great post Stefan. I’ve been following along since the beginning. This installment has some great advice, and I think that you’re right, this is probably the most important business entry in this series. I like your approach with the multiple accounts, especially the “F.You” account. That made me laugh. Thank you for sharing your insight, it’s much appreciated.

  2. Good info, thanks for the share. If I ask you a rhetorical question about yourself, you wouldn’t mind would you?

  3. Hi Stefan

    Do you have any other material available. I have been thinking about this exact thing but you fixed the puzzle up with this clip. I am starting a Designing business but still have to learn a lot about running a designing business still not quite sure how i’m gonna run the whole thing. 10/10 with managing your money, i had a experience with a small business where money was not run correctly. thx

    Kind Regards


  4. Stefan,

    You speak like one of the great financial experts out there. Must be yet another one of your specialties. Anyway, as usual great teaching with lot’s of valuable information and advice. It bears listening to from time to time over and over again.