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Business of Web Design – Introduction – Killersites Web Design Magazine

Business of Web Design – Introduction

The ‘Business of Web Design’ is an audio book/podcast series that teaches you how to start and build a home based web design business.

I am still currently in the process of fleshing out all the details, but I do have a lot down on paper.

That said, I am very close to being ready to record the first (of many) sessions and I expect to have something out this week.

Update – Good news everyone! I’ve just released the first session.

The Introduction:

About the style of the course

The audio sessions (podcast) will be created in a natural conversational style, rather than being like a dry lecture.

… I’ve listened to audio books before and though they are professional, they tend to be too formal sounding and so I typically end up falling asleep.

With that in mind, I decided that a conversational style would be a better way of doing this. And so when I will sit down to record the sessions, with my notes in hand, I will imagine that you are sitting here beside me (with a coffee perhaps) as I go over the subject at hand.

The Three Basic Sections

The book can be roughly divided into three major sections:

1. Startup of the business

  • Learning about business types (incorporations, sole proprietorships etc )
  • What skills do you need? Do you need to be a ‘hot-shot’ web designer?
  • How much money do you need? Should you buy high end software and hardware?

2. Managing and building the business

  • Getting clients and getting paid
  • When and how to expand your business
  • How to write out contracts, invoices etc…

3. Professional web design project management

  • Managing your clients
  • Understanding the web development work-flow
  • Using a CMS and templates

I will be releasing chapters/sessions say … once a week or so. Each session will get it’s own post so that if you subscribe to the magazine’s RSS feed, you will be notified each time.

Why listen to me?

When any so called expert comes out of the woodwork to offer their sage advice, the first question you have to ask yourself is: why should I listen to them?

… I always found it strange that people would listen to a fat man about how to loose weight!

About me:

I’ve been designing web sites since 1994. I’ve been running companies since I was 19 years old – and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been a freelancer, contractor and web design business owner with employees and assistants working for me. In short, I have 18 years experience (and a relaxed secure lifestyle) to show for it.

Yes, I’ve made many mistakes along the way, but I’ve also managed a few good moves too. I can’t show you how to become filthy rich (because I am not there yet) but I can show you how to become financially independent by starting and running a profitable and fun web design business.

Let me know what you think!

If you have any questions, if you want something specifically answered, please post a comment and let me know.


Stefan Mischook


12 responses to “Business of Web Design – Introduction”

  1. I need help, just MAKING my own Web site.

    And am hoping that you will be that “help”.

  2. Nice Stefan…

    A company wanted to hire me for WEB and SEO sales to market to business owners…

    What’s your opinion if they pay me 25% commish? Can I make a living or is that good only for part time job?

  3. Juice,

    You asked:

    “What’s your opinion if they pay me 25% commish? Can I make a living or is that good only for part time job?”

    This depends on the company. But it is generally a risky thing for you because of a few reasons:

    1. Unless the website is already established and generating reasonable revenues (which I doubt it is) then it will probably take some time before things begin to move. In that time, how will you pay the bills?

    2. Do you know the client well? How do you know they won’t boot you once it begins to work? Things can break down in terms of relationships.

    3. Why work on THEIR site for 25% commission, when you can build YOUR OWN site and plug into affiliate networks and earn the same and more!

    They should pay you a flat fee per month plus commission. If they don’t like it, walk away.


  4. Hey Stefan, I am subscribed to your site via RSS. So I look forward to get your content. I hope you can give us some “future proof” information. By that I mean that I don’t think the web design business will be the way we know it now. I don’t know, but I have the feeling that web development it’s going to branch out in specialties (like experts on CSS, experts on PHP, etc.)Well, I guess it must be like that already, but I think most web developers know a little bit of everything and that might change in the future as the internet becomes EVEN more mainstream.

  5. Camilo,

    I will be addressing skill sets in the audio-book/course because you are right, your skills and what services you provide will have an impact on your success as a freelancer and small business owner.

    PS: I have the first session/chapter ready and edited, I should put it online within the next few days.


  6. Great work is it possible to download your podcasts in mp3 format for listening offline

  7. This is great. Just found this site and I love it. Just started DeVry Online and currently majoring in Web Design. Mainly for the sole purpose of starting my own business and becoming more independent. I understand that you don’t really need a degree, I thought that this route may make me better understand the world of the web and better prepare me to get jobs not necessarily in web design, but maybe web related.