Business of Web Design – Introduction to the course


I’ve just uploaded the first session/chapter of the audio-book. You can find a written outline of this session in my original post about the Business of Web Design.

… I am repeating the announcement here so that subscribers to the RSS feeds will be notified. Anyway, let me know what you think … both the good and the bad.


I hope you find it useful.

PS: I have several other sessions/chapters recorded and they should be out very soon … I just have to edit them.

Stefan Mischook


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9 Responses to “Business of Web Design – Introduction to the course”

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  2. Camilo says:

    Awesome as usual Stefan. Thanks
    ps. The Growth of the internet is 291.3% (2000-2008)

  3. Juice says:

    Very interesting background with no money and no contacts to a successful business owner.

    95% of small business in U.S. fail within first two years…

  4. “95% of small business in U.S. fail within first two years…”

    True. And I will explain in future sessions why most business fail within the first two years.

    … Typically, it actually comes down to a few big mistakes.


  5. Stadia Studio says:

    Very interesting! I’m looking forward to future chapters.

  6. Ralph says:

    Nice Stefan you taought me php in one day ( this was off topic ) great videos im looking foward for more!

  7. Hi Ralph,

    I’m happy to hear you found the PHP videos useful.

    I do have a few more up my sleeve. But first, I want to finish off the Business of Web Design audio book.


    Stefan Mischook

  8. Bill says:

    Thank you Stefan. I am really looking forward to the rest of the course.
    Love your work. Thanks again

  9. Jessica says:

    Stefan – Excellent. Looking forward to the next chapter.