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Business of Web Design – hardware and software – Killersites Web Design Magazine

Business of Web Design – hardware and software


The following session answers a common question that has been put to me many times:

What hardware and software do you need to run a web design business? Do you need to upgrade to ‘industrial strength’ tools?

I also touch on a few other things that I know many of you will find interesting.

Hardware and software used in professional web design:

Comments or questions?

If you have any comments or questions, please post them here and I will do my best to answer. … I might even create a podcast out of it!


Stefan Mischook


4 responses to “Business of Web Design – hardware and software”

  1. Stephan:

    Thanks for the confidence builder.

    I’ve spent a great amount of time learning
    and creating with HTML. Yet, intimidation
    has kept me from puttings those skills to
    professional use.


    I convinced myself that too much expense was
    involved to start the process. You’ve put it
    in much simpler terms by indicating that
    basically all we are doing is manipulating
    html text.

    A light went on. Thanks again

  2. These podcasts on business are very useful. I look forward to listening to the next podcast.