Ajax Video Tutorials

We will be releasing a new set of Ajax videos very soon.

The new videos will deal less with the underlying Javascript constructs; instead we will be looking at some of the popular Ajax frameworks that are out there. Things like:

  • Scriptacoulous
  • Adobe’s Spry framework for Dreamweaver

Until the new videos come out, I invite to check out a collection of Ajax videos that takes a look at underlying Javascript that makes Ajax work.


Stefan Mischook


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2 Responses to “Ajax Video Tutorials”

  1. Kenww says:

    Hey Stefan…
    If I were going to start learning a programming / scripting language, would you recommend PHP over Javascript and why?


  2. I would suggest learning PHP simply because you most likely find it to be much more useful in your day to day work.

    Don’t get me wrong, Javascript is also useful, but it is just that PHP code is typically used in more crucial circumstances.

    The good news is that once you learn PHP, to learn Javascript should be relatively easy. You can learn PHP for free at my site:


    I will also be working on Javascript beginners videos very soon.