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The Universal Principles and the Business of Web Design – Killersites Web Design Magazine

The Universal Principles and the Business of Web Design

It has been a while since I’ve posted on this subject – I’ve been busy working on upgrading the clarity of my videos. You should see the results of that work soon enough.

What are the ‘Universal Principles’ … and how do they apply to the business of web design?

These are some of the principles that I have found to be true in all areas of life, business, web design, programming, eating, fighting .. whatever. They are:

  • Simplicity
  • Adaptability
  • Persistence
  • Balance
  • Timing
  • Luck

I’m not sure how much detail I need to give with regards to these principles .. so, I will give you a few examples and leave it to you guys to ask questions – if you are interested in more.

So let’s start with the principle of adaptability.

In web design, that means being flexible in terms of your skill set. Being able to learn new technology as it comes out to take advantage of it, while the competition is asleep. Adaptability also means being able to find different ways to approach a job so as to find the best way to accomplish it.

Simplicity means keeping your site design AND structure simple. Keeping the contracts between you and your clients simple and easy to understand.

… Unless you want to hide something from them!


Balance means keeping the site simple, but not too simple. Keeping the contract short, but not lacking in the details you need to have in there, to protect yourself and to educate your client about what he/she will be getting for their money.


In keeping with the principles of simplicity and another one of my principles not mentioned before: laziness, I will stop here with the examples. If you guys find this interesting let me know.

Stefan Mischook


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6 responses to “The Universal Principles and the Business of Web Design”

  1. Stefan, I am not going to leave my website info because I am not very proud of it and it actually is a test site just to see if I could get it up. Well I did get it up and I just wish that I had all the information you are now telling me before I was able to get up.

    I am still in the novice stage and I am so glad that you are around now I realize that I have so much more to learn especially with the coding and the css. I love the work that you do and am thouroghly hooked! I have Dreamweaver CS4 but have not used it to its full potential! The way that you’ve explained some of the procedures in getting the web site up is what I needed to hear before I even thought of endeavoring to try and get a site up. I will keep watching and looking for all your wonderful encouragement.

    A special thank you.

    Brian Parris

  2. Stefan, thanks for all of the work you’re doing and information you’re sharing. This is simple, but necessary. I especially enjoy your comment on “Balance”. I would like to hear your take on Timing.

    I’m looking at starting a Web and Graphic business, and your input is invaluable.

    Back to reading more articles… -mh

  3. Hi Mike,

    With regards to timing and the web design business: basically speaking, you should just recognize that timing is an important aspect in all business. Bill Gates speaks about how he was at the right place at the right time to take advantage of the boom in technology.

    … If he had been born some other place or 5 years later or earlier – there would have been no Microsoft.

    In concrete terms, just remember to take advantage of cutting edge technologies so you can catch that wave. For example, if you were into web design back in 1996-99, finding contracts and charging good money was easy because it was hot and new. I used to refuse jobs under 10k .. and I had much more demand than time.


  4. Stefan, I find your blogs very interesting. Sometimes when I need inspiration, or i feel lost in all the confusion of owning my own company, I go to your site, and just read for a bit, or listen.

    It really helps me get a grip on what I SHOULD be doing, not what i COULD be doing.