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Smart Web Designers Play to their Strengths

One of the biggest mistakes people make, is trying to develop skills in areas that they suck in. For example, you maybe good at writing HTML and CSS code, yet you still have a terrible time at making your pages look good.

… Let’s face it, some people just don’t have that artistic/designers eye.

Play to your Strengths

A long time ago, in a sport far, far away … I once had a coach who one day pulled me aside and said:

“Stef, you’re good at playing to the outside and you can move, but your inside game is really pathetic. So, stop trying to play inside and concentrate on what you’re good at!”

My coach’s advice is to be heeded by all and applies to all professions … web design/programming is no exception.

The key to success is to figure out WHAT YOU’RE GOOD AT (design, code, structure, programming …) and then develop those skills to the point where you’re so good, that a shine will begin to radiate off you, and in time, your brilliance will cause people to have to look away … and (more importantly) pay you more money for your work!!


Final comment: yes I know this is a really short post … but sometimes that’s all you need to make a point.

Stefan Mischook

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6 responses to “Smart Web Designers Play to their Strengths”

  1. It may be a short article, but has a good point to it! This is very true. Thanks for the post,

  2. I love this website. 🙂

    the point is right, I’m a graphic designer, I was interesting in all of screen device(web, mobile etc.), but sometimes I found the time is not enough.

  3. Sometimes, the things that seem quite simple are really very deep truths.

    My advice is not to let 20 years pass you by (like I did) before you listen to your inner voice about what you think you are meant to be and do in this life…and then Follow It.

    I have a theory that creative souls are born that way…we know we are different form the beginning…But the trouble arises when others tell us that we Can’t Earn A Living using those creative forces within us. Maybe there is more to life than just earning a living?

    It is very true that if you ‘do what you love, the money will follow.’
    But fear of failure is stopping many talented people from realizing their best and highest purpose in life. Failure, as defined by me, is waking up every morning dreading the day because you are stuck in something you do not like, love or even want to do…

    I say that you must definitely play to your strengths in all of life–and fight fear daily–I am a living example of a person who just decided to Do Things Differently last year–and inside 6 months my whole life has changed into what I thought it could only be in my best dreams…

  4. thanks stef, what you shared really matters when you look at the statistics that only about 20% of any given population really enjoy what they do! Why? They decided to follow the crowd rather than their inner voice

  5. Wow thanks for the post. I stress out about all the different languages to learn and I work a full time job beside my freelance work. I love the design side so I will take your advice and focus on that.