Dreamweaver CS4 Video – CSS properties options.


I just released a new video tutorial that introduces the new CSS option in the properties panel.

In a nutshell, Dreamweaver CS4 has made it even easier to add and modify CSS code in your web pages.

You can view my growing collection of Dreamweaver CS4 in the Dreamweaver section of killersites.com.

PS: Firefox on the Mac sucks bad.


Stefan Mischook



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3 Responses to “Dreamweaver CS4 Video – CSS properties options.”

  1. John B says:


    Another great view into the features of DW. DW has some powerful tools to help budding developers find their way around CSS and HTML. I wonder though what can DW offer me as an experienced developer?

    I can’t imagine going through those steps to add some inline CSS code and would prefer to hand code it in less than 30 seconds. I’m sure the video shows just one of many ways to work with CSS and HTML. What would be a compelling reason for an experienced developer to upgrade from HomeSite, the solid editor that started the DW line of products?

  2. “I wonder though what can DW offer me as an experienced developer?”

    Interesting question.

    I think the ability to apply CSS styles to page elements with a click of the button can sometimes be useful … speeds things up.

    Dreamweaver has site management tools that are useful too:

    – checking for broken links.
    – updating links when you change file (images, folders and pages) names.
    – Built in FTP and basic source control.


  3. veeresh says:

    For the experienced developer dreamweaver also offers web widgets you can just add this widgets on a single click og button



    you can create your own widgets – rally easy

    and make your life easy