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Best Cms For Beginner Making Auction-Based Website


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Hello fellow forum members (what a line to start with, right?)


I am a complete noob to web programming (I have learned a little HTML and I partially completed a course on Dreamweaver...both quuuuuite some time ago).


I want to make an auction based website to bid out advertising space for a particular industry. I want to make a mockup of my idea to apply for a grant from the German gov't (I am an American but am a recent graduate of a uni here in Germany and I also work in Germany at the moment).


I took a look at some plugins available from Wordpress (free ones that is) but they are not quite what I am looking for (not as dynamic as I would like and they are a little too "templated")...


I was wondering if anyone had any experience with auction-style plugins/templates etc. for some of the popular CMS programs. Or better yet advice on what CMS would be more preferable to use to make something like that! Again, I am not a programmer and obviously functionality will be limited (although I am not opposed to putting something together with fuller functionality in my free time as it is too cold in Germany to have much fun outside) ;) Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!!!



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I also recommend you Wordpress content management system as it much easy as compared to others. Simple you have to installed it on your domain. Install a beautiful auction theme which can by found by using wordpress theme directory, or if you want to buy a paid one for professional look than themeforest can be used. Make necessary setting of theme than install top rated and wordpress version compatible plugin to avoid any kind of conflict. So auction website is ready. If you don't able to make these small changes you can take help from designers redleos(.)com/responsive-website-design-development/ or any other agency with which you have any experience. Hopefully, they can cooperate with you. Thanks for sharing the nice piece of thread with us.

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Locking this down, the thread was from 2012. Anyone using Wordpress for anything should keep an eye on my Wordpress section of my Security News as Wordpress has been having security issues, especially with third party plugins: 


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