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Best Methods To Accept Payments?


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Hey All,


Just wondering what process/knowledge is involved to add a method of accepting payments to a website via paypal/creditcard? I have advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS and basic knowledge of Javascript/PHP, will I be able to pull it off?


Also wondering, if I were looking to set up a search bar to be able to search content of a website, are there scripts available that are easy to install?



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I don't really trust PayPal after a bad experience with them. They decided the 1000 dollar I had in my account was somehow an illegal transaction even after I deposited into my bank account. So when I had a balance of $0.00, they decided to make up for it and give me a balance of $-1000.00. They then tried to hound me with some collection agency on me however I didn't cave and they just froze my account.


I'm not the only one with bad experience. There are various others who've had trouble with PayPal. You can read them at www.paypalsucks.com .


Although, since that dilema, I've been able to make up a new account but have been wary of using it for anything. So if you do use PayPal, use with caution.

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I have been using Paypal for over a decade now (give or take) ... and overall I'd say they are a good choice.


I have heard of people having bad experiences with them, but so far for me, things have been pretty good. Paypal does have HTML only required ways to integrate payment methods on your site, OR you can also use much more advanced features that require programming.


Paypal's site has lots of information in terms of integration instructions (even sample scripts) etc ... but the website is not exactly intuitive; but it is usable. My one main problem with them is that the website is slow to load.


You may want to look at Google Checkout as well.



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Paypal although widely used is a terrible payment method; you'd be playing russian roulette with your business (see paypalsucks.com for more horror stories). Try stripe.com instead; gethelium.com is an easy to use shopping cart for use with stripe. Also I believe the fees for stripe are the same as paypal.

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