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Required Info needed to get Website posted online


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I think I have mistakenly posted this as a reply to a posters post instead of STARTING MY OWN POST :angry:


I just need help.

I operate a small one man band business and 90% of all my customers are through referals/word of mouth.

Could someone please kindly tell me how to get a website public?

I have already obtained the services of a hosting company but want to know which tags are required to make the site visible to the web?


I do understand most of the other tags: html, head, title, body, etc but not the <Doctype, Public, etc?


NB: Hope one of the modurators will delete the post I sent as reply to another posters question.


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Making a website 'visible on the web' is as easy as uploading your code files to the Host FTP, and getting a domain name.


Your host should be able to tell you how to access your FTP and which folder you should put your files in.


Usually the folder is public_html or something similar.



Making a website 'findable' is a whole other matter and if you wish to learn more about optimizing search results for your site you should look up SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are many things you can do inside and outside of your code that improve a site's 'publicity' in that way

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