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Hi all,


I don't know the term of the type of site I'm investigating, so I'm calling it "a la carte".

I'm curious to hear feedback on whether this is possible and how so.


We are a manufacturer and wholesaler. We sell to our customers, who mark it up and turn around and resell to the end clients. A lot of our customers are very small businesses that don't have much invested in websites. So, we made a "generic" catalog site for all them to be able to use without giving away the fact that they really buy everything from us. This is the site I'm looking at redoing completely.


One idea was to have it so that each one of our customers could customize our site and tailor it to suit their needs. They don't always want to sell all our products that we have on the site. I've been looking around for something like this, but yet to find a good solution.


I've not yet done a CMS but had a thought that might work there.

The site I'd make would be MySite.c0m

then create accounts for our customers where they could make it






Is that a possibility with a CMS?

Or is there a better solution?


thanks for your feedback!

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I think it has to be a CMS.


That will enable each customer to have its own username and password and be able to edit the header, logo, contact details and delete the items they don't want to sell.


Look at Joomla or Drupal or a very much simpler CMS snippetedit http://www.snippetedit.com/ which is adequate for simple text and image edits, but doesn't have the power or features of a professional CMS.


A CMS should protect the coding structure and only allow the customer to edit "safe" content.

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Thanks Wickam. I was hoping a CMS would allow rights in the way you've described. I'm beginning to noodle around with Joomla to see what I can do.


Another thought was do use Feeds to broadcast our info and allow our customers to pick up the feeds. I know less about feeds than I do CMSs and that sounds like it could be more complicated. For some it would work, but others who invest less resources into their site, it sounds like it would be too unfamiliar and too complicated setting it up on their end.

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The CMS suggestions are all good, but what you're talking about is a subdomain, like sales.microsoft.c0m. This is handled in your web server, likely Apache, or by your Internet provider. It's trivial, but specialized, like making ice. If you don't know how it's done or you lack access to a freezer...

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