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Order to take PHP courses? Doesn't match Video Tutorial Library Listing


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Hello to the Administrators of this great site,


Can one of you update the order of the listing of PHP courses

available via the Killersites Video Tutorial Library to match

the order in which the classes should be taken?


For instance, I learned the hard way that my failed attempt at PHP CRUD

will probably be successful once I take "PHP and MySQL" (which I am starting

today). Yet the CRUD course is listed well-ahead of the SQL one.


Could you post the suggested order here right away? I realize changing

the production version of a site can take awhile.


Thanks so much.

PS: If you happen to know the time length of each series and can include

that information also, that would be even greater.

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Hey there. You're right, the current ordering doesn't make sense. I think it started as roughly ordered by difficulty/skill level, but it hasn't totally followed that pattern. I'll have to update the list.


Here's the order I'd suggest following, ordered roughly from beginner level information to advanced topics. Times listed are roughly the amount of time it takes to watch each video in the series straight through, not necessarily the amount of time it will take you to follow along and code alongside while you watch the video.



-- Beginner PHP (about 5 hours)

-- Misc PHP Videos (2ish hours)

-- PHP & MySQL (2ish hours)

-- Object Oriented PHP Discussion (1ish hours)



-- PHP Tag Cloud (1 hour)

-- Form Validation with PHP & Javascript (1 hour)

-- Advanced MySQL (2.5 hours)

-- PHP CRUD videos (1.5 hours)

-- PHP Login (about 3 hours)

-- PHP Login using OOP & MVC (2 hours)



-- Build a Content Management System (about 8 hours)

-- PHP Shopping Cart with PayPal, OOP, MVC (6 hours)

-- Advanced PHP (3.5 hours)


Hope that helps?

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Thanks so much!

You are amazing in how quickly you reply with useful information.


I greatly appreciate all that you contribute to Killersites, the forums,

and the behind the scenes stuff that I don't know about.


PS: Maybe you can make the suggested course order a sticky post on the PHP forum.

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