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Wordpress site won't display my images after transfer to remote server


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Hi Killersites community,

Recently i've made a wordpress site.... looks perfect, but when i FTP my site to a remote server none of the images will display.....

I followed along exactly with the tutorial series 'wordpress and dreamweaver', but instead of displaying it displays text instead....

All the images transfered over to the server but they won't evan display their thumbnails


Also when you transfer a wordpress site using FTP with dreamweaver when it prompts you to include dependent files should you say yes or no?



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There could be three reasons:


1. Did you upload the images into the host server using the same directories and subdirectories as your folder and subfolder framework & names?


2. A conflict between lower and upper case. Your browser and WordPress may be case insensitive but your host's server is case sensitive so image.JPG is not the same as image.jpg so make sure the image filename and the img code in the HTML are the same case.


3. A path problem. Are the img codes relative like <img src="image.jpg" alt="Image 1" /> or absolute like <img src="http://www.your-domain.com/image.jpg" alt="Image 1" /> ? Absolute codes should work but relative codes are better so check the path, ie is it related to the C:\ drive on your computer (wrong) or are the paths to the folders and subfolders correct?


The text you are seeing may be the alt text which displays if the image is unavailable.

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I am not familiar with that tutorial myself, I would also make sure that there are no file paths in your database that need to be changed. I struggled with this over the last few days as some plugins still use absolute file paths rather than relative file paths. You could have your database still pointing to images @ /localhost/content/...etc instead of /{server path}/content/...etc where your images actually are.

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