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I have not heard of underline being deprecated either... then again web sites generally (should) shy away from it because on the web an underline means it is a link, so it can really irritate people who click on it and nothing happens. So there would be reason for it to be deprecated.


My issue is with the editor... why would an editor that was created long ago when the UL would NOT have been deprecated, say it is deprecated now? I would expect issues from new HTML 5 tags not being recognized, but not claiming old tags it is used to being deprecated.

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If it's something simple you'll use once, then I'd use spans with inline CSS, or standard tags for bold, italic, etc. If it's something you'll use multiple times throughout the site, then I'd use a span with a CSS class, and then style the class in your stylesheet.


And yes, <u> has been depreciated. You'd be better off doing underline with CSS using "text-decoration: underline". See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2110779/is-use-of-uunderline-u-deprecated-and-non-validated

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