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I have an html code saved on my desktop and then uploaded it to www.freehostia.com. All I see on my domain is an index of the files i've uploaded. I can see the html file I uploaded, and it shows my site when you click it, it just doesn't automatically show when you originally go to the site. What have I done wrong?


Thanks for your help,


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nathanschild is on the right track. If you enter a url without a filename, like www.mydomain.com or a folder url like www.mydomain.com.folder/ browsers look for a file called index.htm or index.html or index.php, any file called index with any filename extension.


I expect that your html file is not called index.html, so you need to create one in the root directory. Most people call the homepage index.html or it could be a very simple page with a redirect to your main html page.


If there is no file called index.??? then browsers show the file list which can be a security issue as anyone can see all your files and you might have stored your password list there. You should go into your host's control panel and look for an index manager where you will find a way to disable the index of a list. You should do this for all your directories, even image directories so that you then don't need an index file in every directory, but the root directory should always have an index file so that people just entering the domain name will get to a page rather than a list (or just get the "cannot find the webpage" message if you have disabled the indexing of a list but haven't got an index file either).

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Unless your on a windows server, then it does not want index, it looks for default.html... default.asp etc.


Other wise the name is likely the issue.


Another possibility is that your editopr tacked on a new ending, notepad likes to do that. index.html.txt, get rid opf any extra endings.

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