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Hi Folks!


I have been developing websites for about 16 years now but never ventured into the topic of making money off my websites.


I recently built a wordpress website for a food blog writer. She asked me how she could make money from her blog and at that moment i was speechless.


Is there anyone that can steer me in the right direction to get her started.


I have already enlisted her site with Google Analytics and Google Adsense. I also read about Click Bank but am open to suggestions.


Thank You

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The main ways to make money, at least in my mind:


-- run ads

-- have some sort of sponsorship functionality where companies/people pay for ad space

-- have some sort of membership feature that charges users for special functionality


All of these require a significant number of readers, since I would assume that people who want to post ads will want some sort of verifiable way to prove their ads are being able seen by a lot of people.

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I am currently building a Wordpress Blog for a Food Writer / Chef. She will most probably get high volumes of traffic to her website in the near future. I usually only setup entry-level social media and adwords for my clients, but in this case its far more crucial that it works.


I am currently exploring a few options and would value any input from others that are experts in the field of "Making Money from a Website"

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