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The Break Tag


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I'm not sure if I should use the break tag or not. Will it affect a site using a responsive web design approach? What about semantics? Is there ever a situation to where it's acceptability to use a break tag in modern web design?


Maybe a link to a current article would be helpful.



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These days <br> tags are used in very rare circumstances, as it is a formatting element in HTML - typically you use CSS for formatting. I would use it in quick-fix situations only.


But it will not break your page, if you use them sparingly.




But, I am a little loose and wild when it comes to tags, so others might take issue with my easy going disposition.



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There is a specific purpose for the break tag which is a line break. It is NOT meant to create space of in place of paragraph tags.


Inline styles make sense if the particular style is used one time on one single spot on your entire site.

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For several, I'd surround each one in a p tag. The class would be needed if you want to apply specific styling to your addresses - or you could apply the styling to the containing div.


For example:


<div id="address">
<p>Street 1<br>Town 1</p>
<p>Street 2<br>Town 2</p>


#address p {whatever;}

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For addresses there is the address tag



but you have to style it how you want as it has deafult styling which you may not like. Most browsers render it in italic unless you change that.

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Per WDG, the address tag is not for a postal address but rather for contact information. See: http://htmlhelp.com/reference/html40/block/address.html


The ADDRESS element provides contact information for a document or part of a document. Information provided by ADDRESS may include the names of the document's maintainers, links to the maintainers' Web pages, e-mail addresses for feedback, postal addresses, phone numbers, and so on. The ADDRESS element is not appropriate for all postal and e-mail addresses; it should be reserved for providing such information about the contact people for the document.


W3Schools kind of muddles the two.

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