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I am looking to implement a blog/forum for a clients web site. She wants a place for users (logged in users) to be able to view/post different ideas and comments. I have looked into programs such as Word Press and Drupal but need some direction.


What I am looking for is a blog that would only allow users that are logged into her site, to view/post with in it.

Also, if needed, the blog should be able to automatically add user account information once some one registers to the site, and should be able to pull up their information when they log in to the site.


For clarification purposes, when i say "the site" I am not refering to the word press/drupal site, but the clients personal web site that I am creating.

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Sounds like you should really consider WordPress and integrate the current design and content.


Or, install a stand alone comment script that can integrate with any page type. search for open source commenting script or comment script. Some cost less than $30 USD

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