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problem in overlapping div


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Hello Friends,


i have one problem & looking for help to know the solution.


i have one of my client site & want to solve by my self, where i am working...


can any one help me out form div overlapping?


two things are there one is navigation dropdown & second for banner slide show,

problem is dropdown menu is coming below the content visible in banner slide show (content is dynamic).


my client as well I am looking for that dropdown manu should come at top.


kindly guide me (sorry but not able to display url & code)


if you guide me that would be appriciated!



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Without looking at the code, it's really hard to tell. It could be a z-index issue. If you are using a Flash banner (why, especially when jquery is so easy to use and most mobile devices don't show Flash?) then you might look here http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/web-design-html-and-css/threads/51184/drop-down-menu-over-flash# or search for "displaying dropdown over Flash".

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You didn't indicate if the slideshow is flash or jquery. If flash then you will probably need to set the parameter to wmode="transparent". If jquery, check to see what the slideshow's and menu's z-index is set for. You want to make sure the z-index is higher for the menu.

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I don't really understand your question, sorry.

Are you saying that you no longer want a drop-down menu for navigation,

because when you "drop down" a menu, it covers the content of something else,

and you don't like that?


And therefore, you would like a drop-up menu?


Have you tried playing around with the arrangements of the slideshow and

the navigation bar? for instance, how about putting the navigation below

the slideshow banner?

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