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ternary operator

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Hi someone asks me the output of the following code when two integer values pass for $m and $n:


function run($m, $n)


return ($n == 0) ? $m: run($n, $m % $n);




I am confused about this . So please explain the output for better understanding.


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The syntax

return ($n == 0) ? $m: run($n, $m % $n);

means... If $n is 0, return $m; If not, return run($n, $m % $n) and is identical in functionality to this:

if ($n==0)
 return $m;
 return run($n, $m % $n);



So if $n is 0 the function runs and spits out $m.


If $n is not 0 the function will run AGAIN but this time using the remainder of $m / $n for argument $n..

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