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Where to start in 'offline' programming?


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I can make a browser window pop up in Firefox with my fancy web programming skills...


..but I can't make Firefox.


This bothers me and I want to dominate the realm of offline programming (some would say 'real programming', no?).


Where do I start? C++? This is what I believe I should do...


Any resources/advise will be most helpful



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Hi There,

I think you are passionate about what you do but you should also keep that in mind that you are talking about native applications right, you can develop websites with current skills as you may know so why you want to become a software developer. You can be a good web developer and if you insist and you want to stick to firefox like native apps then learn programming languages like :- Java, C++ , C# - Visual Basic, Objective C/Cocoa. Search it on any search engine you will find plenty of resource.

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If you want to work in big business or government, you want to go to learn Java or C#. But, in that case, because of the red tape, you will need to get a degree in computer science or engineering.


If on the other hand, you rather work for smaller companies, or as a freelancer, then go for PHP, Javascript, HTML5, iOS or Ruby. Pick one and become good at it.


I would suggest trying a little of each for a month or so to get a feel ... each environment has its' feel. For instance C++ programming is VERY different from PHP programming.



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