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Hi there peeps from around the world. :)


All you peeps from around the world must have your own native voices advising you what's what about web development. For me, it's just enough to concentrate on the likes of Dan Cederholm. If ever there was a voice that mattered, it's his.


However, I am thinking that there must be a few of his ilk out there far across the different lands who are able to steer folks whose native language isn't English with the same aspirations as those here in the West who have so many voices to catch up with.


Right now, you're probably wondering what this topic is all about. It kind of started along the lines of, "Whose voice matters to you?" But then, because of some of the questions being raised belonged to a simpler sort of grammar, that I thought it might be an idea to have peeps from foreign lands -- as well as us (me) here in the West to create a list of those doing the influencing.


Erm, anyway, my list is simple. So simply, it isn't really a list at all, as I just have one name in it, which you already know.


Here in England I follow the teachings of Dan Cederholm (even though I may not keep to his explicit writings) :rolleyes: .


So, whose voice do you adhere to?

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LOL, I should have thought this one through more solidly. Silly me.


Yeah, but your way is probably everyone's way as well. Perhaps, in the past I have not been so much influenced as awed by one or two peeps, most notably by billyboy and Paul O'Brien over at SitePoint, and yet I have done little in the ways of matching their wisdoms by mirroring their ways. :raised:


Lately though, I've been wanting to jump right back into all this web page building malarkey, mostly because it was something that really gripped me, and I'm pretty sure it still does.


Trouble is, I need to get smarter real quick. My memory is rubbish, and so I will need to have in place some other methods that will help me to remember stuff, and one of the ways I used to do that was by dipping in and out of anything that looked doable, planting a design on a magnetic whiteboard and then moving markup and css around (in my text editor) until it would give in to my design demands.


Now though, I want to do it in a slightly different way; I'm still dipping in and out of a whole heap of (Dan Cederholm) books, but this time they're the voices that matter, kind. As for my lack of memory, I have an idea to visualise snippets without their whole values cluttering my mind's eye, and have them pinned to the walls. :lol:






If anyone new to this stuff is wondering what the hell the above is, it's just a way of forcing a container to 'grow' in length downwards as text is added to it, especially if an image is being floated to the left, while the text itself is being floated to the right. This is Dan the Man at his best.

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