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Is This Piece of CSS Correct?


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I believe what you are trying to make is the div in center of the margins to be 100% of the space, to use %'s in margins I believe you would make 0% on both to achieve that...


I believe what you would have with what you have written is 0% on left, 100% on right & no space in between.

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@Joker - I'm pretty sure this was intended as a joke...


I hope so, how else will you get Marge in anywhere but the right side... unless Marge is really really really fat that she can stand to one side and still appear on the other side... but I would not say that out loud.


{I is 7:20 AM and I have had no Mountain Dew to wake me up, I take no credit for any jokes considered not funny at this time...}

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Here's my two-bits worth about Democrats. All in good fun I might add. All are actual CSS.


.democrats {

background: #A2FACE; /* A Two Face */



font-family:Jokerman; /* yep, it's a font */


overflow: hidden;









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