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Just a big Thanks to everyone

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I thought I would put out a BIG thank you to everyone here. Especially Ben, Andrea and LSW and not forgetting everyone else, just to many names. For taking the time out of there busy schedule to help us all out. I myself try to remember to come here and do what I can to help. But sometimes I forget when I get real busy.


All of the people here are so polite. By this I mean there are no responses like lol'd like I get from other forms, that I do not go to anymore. So again a real BIG THANK YOU to ALL!!


A side not a special thanks to Ben who took a lot of time yesterday, a Sunday, to help me with my learning of php.

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All of the people here are so polite.


SsssHhhhhhhhhhhh! I have a reputation top uphold here! Don't go an ruin it for me! Jeeez!


<whisper>... and you are welcome, always nice to see newbies turn around into regulars good enough to help others... </Whisper>



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