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Appointment Calendar Script


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I'm looking to get a calendar set up on my soon to be launched website where clients can look to see what free time I have, and schedule their own appointments right there online if they would like to.


Here's the trick. I need to be able to collect certain sensitive information from there, like their address, and not have it be displayed on the calendar. I just want a real simple interface, showing when I'm booked and when I'm free, and allowing them to schedule their own appointments, but not being able to delete any appointments, or see any personal information.


I've been searching for a script to do this, or one that I could use as a starting point to build from, and haven't found squat after 2 day of looking. Any ideas, hints, or suggestions?





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One option is to use a Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla where viewers can edit text in certain places (each appointment space). However, if you set it up without needing a username and password, someone could delete someone else's appointment, so that's no use.


You could use a form linked to a database. The form would ask for name and email address and the desired date but the webpage would only take the name and appointment date from the database and display that on the webpage.


An example is here:-

http://w ww.wickham43.net/formphptomysql.php

which shows how some fields can be shown on the webpage. You could show the entries in appointment date order instead of id or entry date order and probably code it so that the entry could be put in a conventional calendar format of rectangles for each day, with a bit of different coding

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