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how to intigrate paypal button in website

Guest ColeBenson

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Guest ColeBenson

Hello Friends,


one of my client is looking for paypal intigration in the website...


i had try more than 5 times... but i failed, problem what i have been facing with hosted / customized button insted of paypal one, as well not shwoing in firefox & chrome... actually button is not showing.. only text display.

in other browser working good like opera, explorer & so on.


what could be the problem & how can i solve this..


i am not able to display website, sorry for that


Thanks in advance for helping or guding me.

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Could be an issue with your coding, sometimes it's a matter of '/' or no slash in the path, but without seing what you are working with, we can't help you. At least I can't.

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Only thing I could suggest would be like Andrea said check your coding and make sure the directory to the buttons image is correct.

Also make sure the image has been uploaded to the right folder correctly.

Without seeing the code myself I can't help you much more either.

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