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i use Coda 2 instead of Dreamweaver


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So i bought the Complete Web Designer Packet and i am now on the Dreamweaver section of the videos but I personally don't use Dreamweaver. i bought Coda a while back and i download the trail for Dreamweaver and i cant seem to really get into Dreamweaver. I just got use to Coda and i was just thinking, is the Dreamweaver section of the packet necessary for me since im working with coda or will i learn something in it that will benefit me outside of Dreamweaver it self .

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I wouldn't necessarily say that knowing Dreamweaver is necessary to be a web designer. As long as you understand the code, the tool you use tends to be a personal choice (I use Espresso, personally). As far as getting a job, though, whether you are allowed to pick your own program or they assign you a specific program to use depends on the company.

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