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Hi there,


I want to create like a online interaction system on my site. you know like a "Chat to us now" kinda thing. Where when a user is on your site you can chat with them directly from the home page or any other page using a 3rd party software like Pidgin, but the user uses the site to reply. I found some awesome 3rd party plugins to use, but you have to pay like per month on all of them, and i can't afford that right now.


now i found a free one to use, but has loads of limitations, its called Olark. It works perfectly, but like i said, you have limitations.


I want to create my own, im just not sure what to look for, does anybody have an idea where i can look for like tutorials on how or some open source thing i can look into.


Please, and thank you.

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Creating a chat for web is not something you can do in a few hours. There are various things you have to code for in order for it work and the most important is a secure connections.


I have no skills in this area but you might look at the freebie one you were talking about and see if it's an open source. If it is, then you can alter the code to suit your need. If not, google "open source chat for web" . You will certainly find a list to choose from.

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