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Any books?


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Sorry im really new to web design or other wise a super noob. i read an html book which i learned html from and in it i saw some javascript programing. also i been on many sites and when i look at the source i see a lot of javascript programing. im really intrested in javascript and think its pretty cool but i have no clue where to start. Does anybody know any good books that i would be able to learn from the very start. Thanks in advance for any of your help or suggestions. Thank You.

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Forget JavaScript per say, you can do most things without it using CSS or PHP.


That said, if your still interested, read up on Ajax. It is using JavaScript in a more modern fashion and a better format to keep your web site from being broken by browsers that do not support JavaScript.


You see JavaScript is client side, the user decides if it is supported or not, or the user agent does, so it does not work on many devices.


PHP runs on the server so it is not effected by user choice or user agent.

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