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JQuery Animate Not Always Working


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I'm supposed to solve this problem at office.I have a JQuery Slider.Even the script is correct I wrote it again almost from scratch.However it has two animate function both were not working.One I fixed which was working on a very wide DIV to be scrolled when a tab is clicked.The second which I couldn't fix is on a DIV with a background(Selected Tab).Beside it 3 spans representing 3 tabs.When one of the tabs(spans)is clicked the Div(With selected Tab Background) should move until it comes below that tab to show it is selected.


This Div refuse to move using Animate no matter what I do.It has z-index set to 190 while the tabs have images inside them and their z-index is 200


The code I have is very similar to the following:


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You should check your Java script coding and your Div system. If you have found all correct and also your animated object works at first time on your local system then no problems. Many Java queries work when it started first time on the browser and it seems problem while it refreshed. So no need for changes, you have to upload it to website server and then try to check it.

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I have several people watching the same file (GIF) that is connected 'slides' follow-up presentation. Some users have no problems with delivery. Others, when they open a file delivery PHS 5.5 and shows only the first slide and move, but when I open file in ImageReady 2 I can see each individual slide and drop them into your presentation.

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