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I need help with images please


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ok when i try to upload my photos to the net they won't come up, now to make this much easier for yourself to see what i have i and what is happening i have uploaded it to one of my other websites (nothing special either of them but still...lol) so can you please have a look what is happening is it appears when i load it up with mozzilla firefox but when i launch it in I.E it won't show up just the box with a red x on it and now i loaded it up on to my server it only shows what you see and also i would like to know how to make my whole background the lime colour or even black how do i do that????


Ok i have also uploaded the css file with it the whole site is loaded up so you can click through the links if you like,




that will get you to the home page then go,




thank you...

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Your images directory here:-


has logo.jpeg while your html file has logo.JPEG which has upper case. They need to be the same, use lower case all the time.

http://www.weightlosslive.biz/personal/images/logo.jpeg with lower case will open the image.


I suggest that you find the Insdex Manager on your host server and disable the index list in every directory so that people like me cannot see the list of files.


Your doctype is incomplete; see



Validate using this site http://validator.w3.org/

You have without an opening tag and other errors:-

PLEASE, Every Piece Of FeedBack Is Highly Appreciated

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Looks like you 'fixed' your doctype -it's now complete, but you picked the wrong one. You're not using frames (which is a good thing - NEVER use frames) so don't use the frames doctype - go with HTML 4.01 strict.


Your meta tags aren't closed, there's a div tag between the and the

tag, and that's just the beginning of the errors you should clean up.



is also not the best way to go- for one, is already bolded, but if you want to style if further, use the external CSS.


In you CSS, it's not necessary to set your background color for every element - just pick the main one (in your case: centerdoc, change, and navigation), everything else will be just that - so you only have to mention it again, if you want something in a DIFFERENT color.

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ohh and i just noticed that when i mouse over the image where i done the alt tag in the index to show up the text well it does not show up either only the text of what i want it to say as the image???


OK, quickie on alt attributes (not tags)...


Alt stands for Alternative text, that is to say if the image is not available (goofed up names, changed paths, images turned off, text browsers, cell phones dropping images to conserve bandwidth and screen readers for blind users...) the alternative text replaces the image.


If you look in any decent browser, the text will not show when you mouse over the image as it is not supposed to. IE is the only browser that does this incorrectly, as usual. The text should not show.

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