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Text Rendering Problem

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I'm a newbie so I will not be savvy to the web designer lingo. I simply am trying to build my website using Dreamweaver CS6 templates that I have copied as webpages, so their code is embedded. All of my pages are working fine on 2 of the templates. However, a page using a third template keeps rendering incorrectly on XAMPP.


See the attached screen shot.


I'm getting these crazy foreign characters in my English text for apostrophes and periods when its rendered for testing on XAMPP. It looks fine on Dreamweaver CS6, including their Adobe Browser Lab. I have looked repeatedly at the code and don't seen anything that stands out. I even tried using different fonts in the code (applied to the css stylesheet). Whenever I changed the font styles, the font style changed but continued to render incorrectly with the weird foreign characters ’ for apostrophes and  for periods.


I attached my html and css code files.


Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, how did you correct it?


Regards Steve

post-43559-018561800 1338559300_thumb.jpg




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Looks like I figured it out. And it might be a lesson-learned for others.


I typed my text into a word document. Then I copied and pasted the text into my code. The product code that resulted did not show any changes in code. Simply reflected the text. Even in Dreamweaver and the Adobe Browser, the text looked okay. However, something in that paste into the code changed something in the background that I cannot put my finger on.


To correct it, I took out the text from the html page and placed it back in the word document. With the word document and Dreamweaver opening back and forth, I typed the text back into the code (did not paste it to save time). Then, I overwrote the previous html file.




Hope this helps out someone else that might have encountered something similar.


Regards Steve

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Sometimes that happens depending on what font you used to type your HTML - like when you copied/pasted the text from somewhere else. See how the apostrophe looks here (copied from your HTML):



vs. here (typed directly here):




Try deleting the apostrophes and replacing them with new ones.


Also, you're missing the your charset declaration - add this to your header section:


<meta [b]http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"[/b] />

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