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I live in Spain and sick to death of so called Estate Agents here and have decided to do my own website through "Webs".

I have done two websites before albeit easy ones for our property when we rented it out for holidays http://www.valenciaholiday.iowners.net and http://www.valenciawalking.iowners.net Iowners do not do a blank canvas so have had to look for an easy format to follow which is why I chose "Webs".


I live in Gandia near Valencia and I am a bit stuck with what to use as a URL. I came up with valenciahome4sale - then forsalegandiahome and now gandiahomeforsale.


I really would like some advice on urls/the name of my website. I have nearly finished the website so need to push on. As I said I live in Gandia but our home is a very old ground floor apartment reformed from a Valencian traditional house.


OK - pick what ever you like of my message to pieces. I am a simple beginner and not even sure about terminology. Should I have a .com (I am trying to attract Russian, Polish and Norwegians - apparently they have money) as well as English. But then I think if I was living in Russia I would go into google and ask a question and surely what results you got in russia would be the same as England.... or am I wrong. I have had a fiddle around but still not convinced of what I am doing.


I know if I was looking for a house i would immediately put in se vende or for sale but guess if I was wanting a place in Gandia then I would put Gandia in first.


I know this is a complicated question (probably) but would like some help please.....

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