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what the.....


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ok this is weird i have got my pic to work in firefox now it wont work on i.e and also my css is not working properly when i put in p { width: 80;} ok yeah the first time it never went how it should have then i done something and now it went to 80% but when i try to put in something else like 90% or 70% nothing happens and when i try to make text a color nothng happins i even hit ctrl f5 and still nothing oh yeah and with the width again i even took the whole width part away and pressed refresh and it never even done anything this is strange......

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Hi peepz


sorry about not giving you all the info needed i have worked it out where i had to write the tag meta name so and so and it says stylesheet i missed the ( e ) in style, but what i also done was when i opened up css after i first saved it to desk top i opened it up and there was text at the top a heap of code and i thought oh crap maybe i delete that well when i got to it i had forgot that i deleted that text so wen i started again i picked up on this while comparing to each other so i know it might be frustrating for you pro's but seriously every bit of info you guys give out makes me goo ooohhhhhhh yeahhh lmao so i thank you all and i will try not to annoy you all too much





now the problem i am having is still with css but it is with the class now i will copy and paste up what i have so far and maybe you can tell me why it will not change to italic thanks,





p {

width: 80%;

color: black;

background: lime;




h2 {

border-top:3px dashed black;


width: 80%;

color: red;



h3 {

width: 80%;

color: red


.italic {


font-style: italic;






and my index page,




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lol mind my pitch please lmao.....

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It is a good sign that you are able to find and correct your typos.Must be learning stuff.


Keep working at it. All of us 'experts' were beginners once, too. And most of us work with these questions as a 'pay-forward' method. Someone helped us and we are paying that debt back by assisting others. It works well.


Good luck in your endeavors.

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