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How to start a career in web development?


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Hello all,


I am considering changing to a career in web application development. I currently have a bachelors degree in Finance. To avoid the high cost of tuition to get a degree in computer science, is it possible to get Microsoft certifications, such as the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, to accomplish my goal?


Thanks a lot.


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Anything helps & Microsoft Certified... does help. (Granted, no one has hired my wife yet, but all interviews have really snagged on to her Microsoft Office Certification)


The fact that you have a degree in anything helps as well, need not even be computer related. I work for the state and have seen people less qualified be hired due to a degree not connected to the job over people with more experience in the job but no degree. (I lost a large commercial job in Detroit because personnel thought me qualified, but the IT director felt with no college I could not cope with high pressure environments... being in the combat arms of the US Military and a Bodyguard for Mercedes-Benz isn't stressful at all...). Degrees in anything do make a difference and more and more jobs want Bachelor's and not associate degrees. Even classes towards a goal help to, I just applied for a Fed developer job and the process allowed for me adding any classes I took even if it has not led to a degree yet. So a degree and a list of programming classes may get you a job.


You can use online courses and schools like ITT Tech, I was going to go for their Associates Degree in Web Design and the curriculum was good, focusing on what the actual Hiring World really wants and not older technologies that were supposed to have a future and did not or never became the next big thing as promised.


You can also try for a job in the government, like for the state, here in Alaska we do some development on our own and the really big projects we bid out to contractors (Our biggest project right now has 5 dedicated programmers, where we have a total of 6 programmers and each assigned to at least 5 projects. We don't have the manpower to dedicate people to one project until the end, we have to many wild fires to put out and maintenance to pull, so we develop the requirements and run the initial testing before the users test it). You can get some experience to then go commercial or get a job with the contractors you work with as at least two of our former fellow state employees did.


Personally I am not impressed with what most universities teach compared to what the real world wants, but employers want to see pig skin.

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