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Okay so I have this client im doing an eccommerce site for it's turned into a mess. first was not paid on time or paid deposit started working on site without one. after 2 payments after almost completing site a simple small eccommerce site changed into a bigger site as well the client informed me they had no money that they could only do a trade. then they started making so many changes and we were going into the holidays I told them with the changes it would take longer. Then after the holidays my collegue who is super talented worked on the photography for the site did an amazing job. then had we had to edit do work then the client started changing the amount of products to I dont remember to I need unlimited so I had to redo site then the last amount of money owed they were not wanting to pay so I have them give to me before any more work done due to changes. Now more delays and I have even been threatend defamed they are bad mouthing me saying im a scam when I did work I even showed them work they approved now they want more changes. they paid 1,000 in payments over 8/9 months. and 900 in product but the site was worth more then that should I give them their site considering I have been threatend and defamed as well they had cornered me to give my address id and information after I had been being threatend in a harmful way as well for a refund. after all the time I put in they wasnt 1000 back and as well they are stating they could gotten have done the shoot themselves and gotten the photographer. I feel like i should let them take me to small claims court. the complicated thing is my friend is friends with them.what should i do

i have been defamed and embarrassed in public.


I dont know though they are drama so im worried about dealing with them. they have even lied about speaking with my friend who worked on the project claiming they talked with them and I was trying to withold work and that I had another phone number which never happend.

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We're not lawyers, and we don't even know what country you are in.


Small claims court - assuming you are in the US, have no idea about other country's courts - sounds like an idea. I would think that with sufficient backup (emails) documenting the process, you should have a fair change. I don't know if it's wise, because if you win, the client will be even angrier.


If nothing else, take that as a lesson and for your next client, have a very finely detailed contract prepared that coveres things like that.


Other than that, I have no adivce. I don't think the client deserves any money back at all.


Maybe some of the others around here with more client-experience have some good ideas. But definitely: no more work without contracts going forward.

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