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Baby Steps - 1st website launch


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I am determined to launch a static website, but really have little idea how to start the process. I have had some exposure to dreamweaver and thus know a little html, but all sites i have worked on where already set up, and loaded on my assigned computer. I don't know what happens before it gets to my computer and am hoping this forum will give me some guidance.


1. I have saved my URL with GoDaddy

2. I have not secured hosting as I'm not sure whether to go with godaddy or a server at SoftLayer, which a friend has said I can use for free.

3. I found a template that I like at www.perfectory.com, that I haven't bought because I only have access to download the link for 3 days and I'm not sure i can do what needs to be done in that amount of time.



A. If I choose Softlayer, how do I direct the URL to that server, assuming that if i stay at godaddy they will do this for me? also what is an A record and an MX record? i have heard of both but not familiar with them either.


B. Once the server is in place, how do i download the template to a server?


C. Once the template is downloaded, how do i keep the site from being published while i am changeing pictures and copy as i assume this will take me a couple of days and will need to get approval from my 1st Client:) ?


D. Finally, how do i set up an email address so that the name is associated with the URL?


Thanks in advance for any and all comments, help, and guidance.

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What is it that you really want to do, just 'launch' a website or actually learn webdesign? You mention a client, so you should probably understand the craft itself.


Learn HTML and CSS, they go together, and built a few practice sites.


By "saving my URL with Godaddy" I assume you mean you registered your domain with them. Once you decide on a hosting account, they will provide you with the information you need to add to your domain name, so it knows where to point to.


As part of learning about webdesign / HTML / CSS, you will also learn about FTP which is the process of uploading your files to your server.


When you're working on a template, you have to options of either not uploading it until you are ready, or you can work with it on a test site. In my opinion, the very best way to see how a site is doing is to look at it online not just on your computer.


Hosting accounts usually always include the option of setting up email accounts that would include your domain.

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