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FLV Playback Component and my Video


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I am ready to tear my hair out. I am a beginner and am making my first tutorial. I have made a graphic portion of the tutorial (2 minutes)roughly, in Flash including a short animation and sound, it is all laid out in the timeline just perfectly. I have separately shot a video (my first one) fps30 flash frames are evenly divised at 1/2 that. I followed a tutorial that helped me create a player with controls using the FLV Playback component which resides in a separate FLA file, when you play it , it is programmed to load my video and works great, problem is I want my original graphic/animation FLA file to be in the player in the beginning and have it fade into the video. The FLV playback component needs to be in the same folder as the FLV4 video because the way it works it that it retreives it, converts it to a swf and then loads it into the player.

I have a time issue and need this done in a couple of days. I would gratefully pay someone to help me get it up and running but I would like whoever you are to teach me how to do it as I am trying to learn this stuff. So I guess I'm looking for a Flash tutor for this project. I have researched the net high and low and so far as I have gathered, I need to be using actionscript to call it in. I am using CS5 and actionscript 3.0.


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Unfortunately I don't think there are many people on the KillerSites forum who have that much experience with Flash -- it's a bit of a dying technology since iOS and most modern phones/tablets don't support it, and it seems like a lot of people are turning to HTML5 and CSS3 to handle a lot of the basic stuff that Flash used to do. You may have better luck getting comments in a Flash-specific forum.

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