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options for testing Internet Explorer on a mac


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Figured I would start a new topic on this.


I have all macs.


What are my options for testing in IE?


I keep reading about a bunch of ways but wanted to hear some other thoughts and first hand experiences.


So far "wine bottler" is the only way I have tried and that was very buggy and slow. Now i need to uninstall.


I read this http://osxdaily.com/2011/09/04/internet-explorer-for-mac-ie7-ie8-ie-9-free/

but don't know if thats got major flaws to it as well.


Right now I'm thinking i should ask around and see if a friend has an old pc laptop thats functional enough just to run IE that they are willing to sell.




What do you guys do?



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Do either of those options require me to restart/reboot when I want to run IE?


Do those options also allow the testing of older IE versions?


Right now I commandeered a PC and it's running IE 9. In 9 the website looks great, but I know there were some problems when I saw it in an earlier version of IE. Not sure what version it was though.



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VMWareFusion and a similar product, Parallels Desktop, both don't require rebooting.


What version of IE you have depends on Windows and whether you have updated IE -- not anything to do with what app you are using to run Windows. In my case, I have two versions -- an older version of XP that allows me to run IE6 and 8, and Vista that's running IE 9. Then again, I have pretty much dropped IE6 support, so I don't use it that much. Keep in mind that the IE developer tools allow you to run a "compatibility" mode that should show you what the website looks like in an older version of IE. I think IE9 supports compatibility modes for IE7 and 8.

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One other question.


When in IE9 there is the developer tools.


I have 2 options.


Browser mode and Document mode.


Do I set the DOCUMENT MODE to IE 9 Standards and then use the browser mode to toggle between IE7-IE8 to test my site in those versions?



I'm asking because I thought i could just toggle between versions. BUT the document mode option is throwing me off. If I toggle randomly between those 2 options in different groups funky things happen.



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