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Where hav eyou put the favicon.ico file? There must be one in the root directory for some browsers to pick up, and it doesn't need linking in the head section if in the root directory.


The link code you have given is put in the head section of each page.


The favicon.ico image should be uploaded to your root directory (the main first directory at your host where you should also have an index.html file). This is the directory that is searched if viewers just use a url like www.mydomain.com without specifying a particular folder or filename.


Some browsers only need the favicon.ico in the root directory and then apply it to every file. Others seem to need it repeated in the head of an html file with this code:-



or just where your html page is also in the root directory


or where ../ indicates that the link is to the same image in the root directory but your page is in a sub-directory.


It is probably best to put the favicon.ico in the root directory and also use the code in the head.

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Cache will get you every time :D


Even the experienced of us still get bit in the backside by it.


All my browsers are set not to cache anything to avoid that. Cache is set to "0" and/or it is set to look at the site on the server every time.

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