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Which prom ticket looks better?


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Yes sir, but I was wrong to much angle on the hearts. Also get rid of the mask or whatever you used on the hearts for they are all red. You forgot to make the gold a little darker like LSW said.


Make the font on listen.. a little larger for it takes up, I don't know like maybe 90% of the space between the hearts.


Then maybe not so much a larger font size maybe just like 3 more px.Then adjust the tracking to make the letters a little farther apart, That is the AV with the two sided arrow underneath the AV. If the stroke on the date is 2px make it 1px. Make the, I think it is the glow on listen.. just enough to separate it from the background.


To tell you the truth now without all the background clutter I like it just the way it is. The one before you rotated the hearts. Just move the hearts in a little bit to five a little more white space on the edge.


Just had an idea you could make a smaller heart in the middle and curve the listen.. text a little bit more and put the text listen to on top and your heart on the bottom.


I see you are reading this right now I have to leave be back in a couple of hours.


If you want send me a copy of the psd file for i can play with it. You can get my e-mail in my profile.

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I think i might just go with the 2 straight hearts with out the sparkle on top. I think i will leave the background clean. I am not sure how to make just that part darker and not make the silver less.



I also flipped the heart horizontal on the right because it looked like both hearts were pointing to the right instead of them pointing to center.

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