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Pages won't link

Green eye

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I've moved your post into its own thread.


You may find the answer to your problem in this thread:




What tutorial are you following?


I notice a couple issues in your code, but none of them explain why the pages won't work:


Your doctype is not complete.

You should always start your file names with lower case letters - it'll save you lots of problems in the long run (as file names are case sensitive)

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Hello Thelma,


Thank you for responding to my post. The course I'm doing is the "Web Design 1" course for beginners - video tutorial.

I looked at the link you posted in your reply and I think I have the same problem as "hellohereisjim" (copied below) in that my four pages are all named .html, (ie. tutorial_tables.html) but when you look at the properties of the page, its' page name is "tutorial_tables.html.html" . Is this where the error lies Thelma?, I don't know how to change this, simply renaming the page without the ".html" file exrension does not alter the properties page name - still ".html.html".


Another question Thelma,what part of the Doctype am I missing and what is the relevance? . . please don't laugh too loudly!! us newbies can be of a sensitive disposition !



I figured it out , my title of the file on my desktop for each file , index,tops,pants and sets.I had named them tops.html, so when the browser viewed them it put in the end another html and it wouldnt view, so i deleteed the end of the name just called it tops and it works now.
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It looks like the text editor you are using is adding the extension .html to your pages which already have that extension. I'm not a PC person but I would suggest going to your text editor's Preferences and unchecking the box "save with extension" or something similar.

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Thank you Virtual,


Looking at it now it seems so obvious, I had forgotten I originally saved the text file with the .html extension instead of the .txt and that's where the problem lay.


I opened the four pages again and saved them as .txt and refreshed the web page and all pages now link!


Thank you for your help

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same problem as a few people seemed to have had i had .html after my index and the rest so browser was trying to add another on the end yes yes yes yes yesssss this is awesome i can't believe how much i have learnt in just lets say 14 hours and i only had a rough ideah of how things worked from changing aweber autoresponder codes and dns settings those kind of things mind you on another one of my websites the opt in form would not work this cost me 30usd not once either twice as i changed the text in he actual front page and the code changed again and i got charged a further 30 usd i was like no way and this was in 24 hours mind you so i have come here for help and you better believe it this is the best thing i have done so far as web design is what i have always wanted to do well just for the newbies that come here and do see this YOU HAVE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION AND I BET YOU WONT FIND AN EASIER GUY TO TEACH YOU EITHER SO KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND IF things are getting a bit to much don't try to take it all in at once take a break if you still have troubles come here and read other peoples posts as it WILL TELL YOU you just have to find it i was lucky i just posted mine and then i checked out a page i never before and whollaa it worked everything i needed to know THANK YOU.


Regards, Nathan Childs


P.s sorry for writing so much and probably in the wrong spot to sorry...

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Thanks for reminding me that I'm old.


Should I change all my "name" to "id", I'm doing a complete rewrite of a site I first wrote 11 years ago.


I've found CSS and stylesheets and of course this great site.


My head is spinning and I'm loving it.



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