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Why you can forget about "JavaScript right-click scripts"


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This has come up often lately and I tire of re-writing it every time so for those who may wish to ask about this in the future, here is why they are useless.


You can make the image a background, makes it a little harder to get, even add a same sized clear gif over it that would get grabbed by newbies... but for Pros, it will not stop them.


  • All images on a site are downloaded to the temp folder on the HD by default. Just have to pull the images from there.
  • I can make a screen capture of your page and trim the image out
  • I can download the page to my HD and grap the image
  • I can download the whole site to my HD and grab the image
  • I can use IE6 which offeres a image toolbar that bypasses such scripts
  • I can use Firefox with an extention that gives me a toolbar that bypasses such scripts
  • I can turn off JavaScript so that your script does not work
  • I can look at your source code to see the path and image name and place that tin the address bar to access the image directly without loading your script.
  • I can use one of the programs out there to download your site and images for offline browsing and get the images that way.
  • Disabling right clicks can make the browser unusable for sme people with disabilities. Some people like me have very usefull tools tied into our right click and you have no right to mess with it.
  • Those with Dial-up may wish to / need to use right click to show a image itself due to slow loading times. (thanks Billy)
  • Users can block right-click scripts from within Firefox (see below, thanks Tim)


Using such scripts only calls me a thief. You interfere with the workings of my browser and my workflow. You have no right to mess with my browser so I will never go toyour site again and I will tell people not to gothere as you have no respect for others. Generally speaking you will just piss people off with such scripts.


There is no way to protect images on the internet, either live with it or do not put them online. Even using a password only blocks some people form grabbing the images, those with access can still steal them.

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