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This is really frustrating...PHP/MySQL


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I built a website at www.mikespot.net/alex/ that uses php and mysql to store and display blog entries. It works 100%.


I purchased a new domain (www.ijournalsometimes.com) and added an 'addon domain' to my current web hosting package - so the root folder is for my new site is public_html/ijournalsometimes.com


I copy and pasted all of my files from public_html/alex/ to public_html/ijournalsometimes.com...


I can connect to the MySQL server and database successfully. I can ADD blog entries successfully (Inserting data into the database)...


..but when i try to select and display data from database...NOTHING.


basically, the sites are coded the exact same but are in different locations and now i cant select and display data from the database. here is my php code for the index page:




$sql = "SELECT * FROM blog ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5";

$get_all = mysql_query($sql);




while($row = mysql_fetch_array($get_all, $con))



$blog_entry = $blog_entry . "<div class='blog_entry'>

<div class='blog_title'>{$row['title']}</div><!-- end title -->

<div class='blog_date_time'>{$row['date']} <font style='color:#abf7fb'>/</font> {$row['time']} <font style='color:#abf7fb'>/</font> Posted by: <a href='mailto:schultza6537@my.uwstout.edu'>Alex</a></div><!-- end date time -->

<div class='blog_mess'><p>{$row['body']}</p>


<!-- end blog body -->

<div class='blog_bottom'></div><!-- end blog bottom -->

</div><!-- end entry -->";







here are the links to the 2 sites (same exact code - but one site works and one doesnt)


http://www.mikespot.net/alex/ - this displays blog entries correctly


http://www.ijournalsometimes.com - this one does not


thank you in advance for your help! :)



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Do you have some sort of include which actually makes the connection to the database above these lines?



$sql = "SELECT * FROM blog ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5";
$get_all = mysql_query($sql);

Those lines query the database, but you do have to have some sort of connection first.


Yes, i use a db_connect.php as a php include file:




$con = mysql_connect('localhost','mikesp5_test','reggie88');


if (!$con) {

die("Could not connect to MySQL Server" . mysql_error());



// echo "Successfully connected to MySQL Server!";


$my_db = mysql_select_db("mikesp5_killer");


if (!$my_db) {

die("Could not connect to database" . mysql_error());




// echo "Successfully connected to Database!";




when i remove the comment tags before the echo's they both show up. and i am able to insert data into the database. just not display it for some reason.


also, the SQL does actually select items from the database because when I LIMIT 5 and go to www.ijournalsometimes.com i see 5 empty blog entry templates, so its not getting the the actual text from the database... i hope that makes sense. visit ijournalsometimes.com and you will see it there is as many empty blog entry templates as i wish using LIMIT in my SQL code.


Thank you Ben for the reply :)

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